Saturday, February 28, 2009

Podcast #3 Featuring Dr. Catherine Baase

In 2007, the Dow Chemical Company's workplace health promotion program delivered $11.7 million in total economic benefit to Dow and saved 9,232 total absenteeism days. Dr. Catherine M. Baase, M.D., Dow's Global Director of Health Services, recently told a U.S. Senate committee that workplace health promotion programs should be an important part of health reform efforts. In this installment of our "Prevention Matters" podcast, we talk to Dr. Baase about her company's experience and her testimony to Congress. Listen to this broadcast by clicking on the media player below.

Podcast #2 with Dr. Steven Woolf - Making the Economic Case for Prevention

Is prevention a "good deal" in terms of its return on investment? In a recent commentary published in JAMA, Dr. Steven Woolf emphatically declared that it is. In our second podcast, Woolf - a professor of family medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University - discusses his commentary and makes the case for making disease prevention and health promotion a cornerstone of health reform. He also rebuts prevention critics who say it doesn't save money. Listen to the podcast by clicking on the media player below.

Our First Podcast, Featuring Dr. Jonathan E. Fielding

Is individual, patient-based medical care the best way to improve health? Dr.Jonathan E. Fielding, chairman of the US Task Force on Community Prevention Services, says it's not. Dr. Fielding - who is also Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and Chairman of Partnership for Prevention's Board of Directors - discusses health reform on our first "Prevention Matters" podcast. Listen online at by clicking on the media player below.